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    database question for netflow and orion

      Is it possible to have 2 different databases for orion and netflow?

       We have 2 teams here and its a power struggle of who controls what here.  Our database is 119 gig and its from the traps from netflow.  I like to break away from looking at and seeing the netflow crap in our database.  They crash they crash let that team figure it out.  They are to lazy to call tech support to figure out what the hell they are collecting.


      is this possible or do I have to have 2 different installs on 4 different servers here to get what I need done?

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          Hi Rob

          Unfortunately this is not possible at present. The Netflow module utilises the managed nodes In network performance monitor.

          If you really wanted to separate the two You could look at another Orion for Netflow and just move your Netflow managed nodes to that poller

          This would ensure that the two are separate.

          Your database doss seems extremely large. You may want to advise the Netflow group to Look at their retention setting For Netflow compressed data .

           If you are capturing data From a large number of devices having the default of 90 days for compressed data will make your database extremely large and could affect performance