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    Is emailing graphs to Notes still an Issue in ver 9.0?


      As most of you who run Lotus Notes in your company know,  when you try and send a graph from a solarwinds webpage URL to your mail account it quite simply doesn't work i.e you receive a mail with just HTML formatting info and links that don't work because Lotus Notes doesn't cope with the graphs/links/formatting or something like that.

       Does anyone know if this has been addressed in ver 9. I know there was talk of reports being exported in PDF format but that wasn't supposed to be included in ver 9 (which would have been great)

      Even if someone has come up with a work around for this, what we are looking for in particular are monthly historical graphs on link % utilisation to be mailed out to managers and dept heads. I have told them about the available reports but they would prefer to have the flashy graphs to show off at meetings and such.

      Thanks in advance


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          Just an Update for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation. I have been using a work around for this problem for the last year. Apologies for not posting this sooner.

          I am currently running a mail daemon and client on my desktop that Orion sends the webpage graphs to. It was a dead simple to set up. There are a number of free mail Daemons and clients to download an run on your machine. The combination I chose was Hmail (Windows only) as the mail server and Mozilla Thunderbird  as the client.

          The downloads can be found here:



          Obviously you can use Outlook or any client you want but I like the user interface of thunderbird as its clean and quick to use. This work around isn't ideal but it works. One of my scheduled jobs contains over 40 graphs contained in their web pages, so having them sent to me is gonna save me time. 

          This is just one method that could be used. If anyone has any other suggestions (Apart from chucking Notes in the bin that is LoL) please feel free to share them. Different methods, clients or daemons?