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    Move monitors or not?


      I'm still a bit unsure if I should move some of my monitors from one device to another and would like some advice.  For example, the server where I have ipMonitor installed...that device in ipMonitor has several monitors within in that are External Process and File script monitors that monitor different devices.  After my upgrade from 8.5 they all showed up under this ipMonitor server device since all these File and External Process monitors are scripts that physically exist in a folder on the ipMonitor server device....but it gets confusing....I can understand why they are within that deivce, but I feel like I need to move each monitor to the device that it is monitoring.  What do others think?

      Also, has anyone come up with an easy method of moving several monitors from one device into Orphaned Objects without using that RegEx method, so, if I do decide to move these monitors to their respective devices (about 100 of them), I don't need to edit each one, Move To Orpahned Objects, the Move to the new device?


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          Hello erharj,

          Put in this global behavior modifier into Configuration Tab > System Settings > Global Behavior Modifiers

          monitors.orphan.enable = 1

          After this, editing your monitors will have a "Move to Orphaned Objects" in the toolbar (depending on your screen size, you may have to scroll to see it). This is the other way to do it without cut and paste.

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              I have done that, but I was looking for an easier method to bulk move 100+ monitors from one device to Orphaned Objects, rahter than having to Edit each monitor individually....Like wihtin my listing of monitors, if I could click the boxes next to all monitors I want to move, then have a selection for "Move to Orphaned Objects".