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    Devices, Grouped by Properties


      My company just purchased ipMonitor so I'm a n00b!

      I just installed this on one of our servers and I scanned one of our subnets and added just some our servers for the time being. I'm not entirely sure why but on the "Dashboard" page underneath "Devices, Grouped by Properties" most of the servers are showing up in the (No Value) and unknown folders. Some of the servers are not doing that and are showing up in the apprpriate places, for example some of my Windows servers show up in "Microsoft-->Servers" but one of our Novell servers shows up in the following "Novell-->Unknown"

      How come most of my servers are not being properly identified by ipMoniror?


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          Do you have SNMP enabled on these devices?   If not, our discovery scans cannot pull back system properties that would be used in that group by property resource.   

          You can also populate/override these attributes manually by editing a device and setting Property Refresh Policy to "keep old values to rescan".