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    Using export/import to create new monitors

      I'm running IPMon 9.01 and would like to add telnet monitors to almost all of the devices already being monitored. I'll describe the method I'm using and the problem I'm facing. I'm not opposed to trying another method that will populate these devices en masse.


      1 - Generate .xml export and remove everything I don't intend to import. (I'm only interested in the <monitor> items, while maintaining the <parentid>.

      2 - Make the following changes to the export file. a) Remove the existing monitor <id>, b) change the <typeid> from 16 to 31, c) change the <name>. (It appears to already add the <port> line by default.)

      3 - Use the import feature to add the monitors.


      Problem - It will only add the monitor for the first device listed in the .xml file.


      Is there another field in the .xml that needs to be removed/changed in order for the procedure to process all the monitors I need to add?


      Is there any decent documentation for this software? The help files leave a lot to be desired. 

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          Hello Wdmail

          You can import a number of monitors in one go just make sure that you have one 'tag' that encloses all your monitors. i.e.: <monitors>  monitor xml nodes go here </monitors>

          Also, if you end up wanting to do this again I recommend the following:

          1. Ensure all your devices have been scanned and are visible in the "network scan".
          2. Modify the "SmartMonitor recommended settings" to include just the Monitors you want. Then you should have some orange "add monitor" buttons (that indicates you can add more monitors).
          3. Click the orange buttons to create your monitors.
          4. When you're done, go back and change the recommended settings the way you want it (so that future scans will find recommend adding the Monitors you're after).

          BTW, There are alternative resources that are available for ipMonitor and they're being moved to our main support site. Check this url out for more documentation resources: http://support.ipmonitor.com/