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    Memory monitors reporting disk space?

       I'm evaluating version 9 at the moment and I've noticed some strange behavior.  When I create a report for memory, selecting only free memory, free memory (%), Used Memory, Used Memory (%), and Memory Size, I get the following output. 

      1) Why are ping, CPU, and drivespace shown?

      2) Where the heck are the total/avg numbers coming from? With the exception of the percentage and weight columns, the numbers presented are neither totals nor averages.

      3) Even if the numbers presented were totals / averages, I wouldn't want disks counted towards memory stats.

      Please help.


      NameTypeFree Memory (%)WeightFree MemoryUsed Memory (%)Used MemoryMemory Size
      [server][share1$][Drivespace]drive space--0s1277.4898MB--0.0000MB0.0000MB
      [server][share2$][Drivespace]drive space--0s1277.4868MB--0.0000MB0.0000MB
      [server][share3$][Drivespace]drive space--0s1449.1758MB--0.0000MB0.0000MB
      [server][share4$][Drivespace]drive space--0s2874.0980MB--0.0000MB0.0000MB
      [server][share5$][Drivespace]drive space--0s66.0475GB--0.0000MB0.0000MB
      server [CPU-Processor 2]cpu--0s--------
      server [CPU-Processor Total]cpu--0s--------
      server [CPU-Processor 1]cpu--0s--------
      server [Memory-Physical Memory]memory44.7944%2.21:55:46s1719.8569MB55.2056%2119.5884MB3839.4453MB
      Totals / Avgs44.7944%2.21:55:46s12.7318GB55.2056%299.8026MB543.0656MB
        • Re: Memory monitors reporting disk space?

          ccolumbus, thanks for the post. Can you please export your XML report configuration using the following steps? 

          1. Go to Reports tab

          2. Edit settings for the report you're having issues with

          3. Select Pop XML button

          4. Copy and post XML on Thwack.  

          From this XML, we can import your report into our installation and determine the root cause.