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    Universal Poller - assignment selection


      The Universal Poller in ver9 is fantastic - but as always, give the users something great and they only want more....

      I would like to request that we have the ability to assign a custom poller to all the nodes that support the selected custom poller. We have the ability to test devices from within the UnDP already - could we use the result to determine if node is added to the custom poller?

      Extra points if we could combine two criteria i.e. if the MIB is supported, and another criteria from the group properties.

      An example from our implementation:

      We have >4000 nodes. Most support the ciscoEnvSupplyStatusTable MIB - but not all. I don't want however to have to go through the entire list and determine what IOS levels and machine types don't provide support for this MIB. I could just select all Cisco devices - but we would waste poller time on devices that will never respond to the customer poller.

      Likewise, 1500 of the devices support the MIB, but only have a single power supply - so I don't feel the need to waste polling time for these (the node will go down anyway in the event of a power supply failure).

      So what I would like here, is the ability to select all Cisco devices that support the MIB, while excluding others based upon another property (node name prefix in our case).