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    Switchport Mapper

      OK, I have searched the forums a little and have seen some mention of what I'm looking for but haven't really found anyone with a Solarwinds based solution that fit our needs.  We have the Orion Network Performance Monitor with the Netflow module.  We also have Cirrus and we have the Engineering toolset.  Until we purchase the Solarwinds products we used Ciscoworks.  I have been able to migrate all but one thing from Ciscoworks to Solarwinds very smoothly.  The one thing we're missing is that in Ciscoworks we have user tracking and currently we use a command-line option to create a scheduled dump of the user tracking data which we then pull into a separate database system that acually combines data dumps from several applications and creates a more full picture of everything on our network.  However, this isn't something that I could imitate in the Orion product and it seemed the Switch Port Mapper utility in the Engineer Toolset was the closest thing to what I needed.  However, it doesn't appear to have a command-line interface and it also seems to only be able to do a single device at a time.  Is anyone else using one of the Solarwinds tools to create the dump that would imitate the CiscoWorks user tracking  (device name, port description, client ip, client mac, client name, etc)?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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           TKelly - You are correct that SwitchPortMapper (SPM) currently only supports 1 switch at a time. We do however offer a command line interface to automate a switch port map:

            SwitchPortMapper.exe <layer2deviceIP> <layer2community> <layer3deviceIP> <Layer3community>

          Unfortunately, there is now way to automate the export of the data, but we are looking to get that fixed in the next release.