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    Server receiving flows, Orion doesn't see it


      Just installed NTA3sp2 on Orion 8.5.1 sp3.  Set up an export from a router.  The router shows it is exporting flows.  Wireshark shows the Orion server is receiving netflow data - udp, port 2055, from the correct IP.  NTA is configured for port 2055.  Checked that NTA is running in the Orion Service Manager.   Netstat shows the server is listening on 2055.  The web interface reports that there are no flows ("Currently, you are not gathering NetFlow traffic data.") and there are no events showing incoming flow data at all.  What gives?  I tried restating the NTA service, nothing.  I went back to check for any install errors - the install log file shows all success.  Any ideas what could be wrong?