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    Assign poller groups


      With the new Universal Device Manager in V9 and the ability to group pollers and transforms - why not make Groups assignable to objects.

      Today when I need to assign all pollers in a group I have to open the group and manually assign ALL the pollers in that group. It would be much more simpler to just assign the group - and here's the point I'm trying to make.... when adding a new poller to that group you wont have to reconfigure hundreds of nodes or interfaces to include the new poller as the group is allready assigned to them..

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          Unless I'm missing something (which is certainly possible),  I think we do this today.  

          1.  Open the UnDP GUI. 

          2.  Click Assign Pollers. 

          3.  Select a group of pollers

          4.  Click Next.  

          5.  Select a group of devices

          6.  Finish

          Again, sorry if that's missing your point.  Also, if that gives you want you want, sorry that it wasn't as easy to discovery as it should be.