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    Web based utilities


      I manage a network operation center and in doing so we run multiple copies of Orion (1 per customer).  That all being said Orion is simply a web page for my team we use it to identify outages and then connect to the client networks to do additional troubleshooting (terminal services, VPN, RDP, all depends on the customer). 

      I would like to see web based pings and trace routes built into Orion so that our employees can can get that real time data without always having to connect into the networks.  If Solarwinds could incorporate a java based applet that would allow pings, trace route, and maybe even telnet that would help us to be even more efficient.  I think it coincides with the introduction of the EOC as I can guarantee you if you are watching multiple networks your workstation will not be live on all of them so the ping, trace route, web page, telnet, and RDP are all useless features.

      I know this can't be a unique request and in fact some of that functionality existed when we were using HP openview for our monitoring application.