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    Advanced Alerting with UDPs coming from TABLEs

      It would be really useful if when creating advanced alerts for a Custom Poller that comes from a Get Table if some of the conditions could be based off of the values of other columns in the same row.

       For example...I poll my Exchange Queues via SNMP.  So, I have 2 pollers....1 for QueueSize (number of messages) and 1 for AgeofOldestMessage (how long has the oldest mesage been in the queue?).  It would be useful if I could build an alert that says "Alert me if queueSize is greater than 1 and OldestMessage is more than 30 minutes for this Row index (i.e., this queue)".  If these values are in the same TABLE row it makes sense to be able to use them together.

      If I simply make an alert to alert me if QueueSize is greater than 1 and simply set the alert to not alert me until the condition has existed for 30 minutes then I run the risk of getting alerted just because the queuesize happened to be greater than 1 during the 2 or 3 times the devices was polled even though they may be totally different messages in queue.