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    Mail Queue Length: Not Found

      Just installed version 1.0.2 and it seems to be working ok except Mail Queue Length which says "Not Found".  Exchange is 2003 and running on a Windows 2003 cluster.  Exchange Monitor is on Vista SP1.  DCOM and WMI permissions seem ok on both the server and workstation.  The account I'm using has full admin rights to both boxes.  I also tried refreshing the WMI namespace on the server.  Any other suggestions?

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           Was Mail Queue Length working before on your previous installation?

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              This is a fresh install.  Haven't used any previous versions.

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                  From the machine where you are trying to run the Exchange Monitor, could you please try verifying WMI connection using WBEMTEST?

                  1. On command line execute wbemtest

                  2. Connect to the Exchange Server (\\EXCHANGE_SERVER\root\default) and specify the credentials you are using in Exchange Monitor

                  3. Try running the following query

                  SELECT LocalQueueLength from Win32_PerfRawData_SMTPSVC_SMTPServer

                  This should give you a more detailed error of why we are running into this issue.

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                      Ok, here's what I got.

                       The Win32_PerfRawData_SMTPSVC_SMTPServer class does not exist in \\servername\root\default.  Trying to query on it gives an Invalid Class error.

                       I did see the class in \\servername\root\cimv2.  Running your query there succeeds but shows no objects in the list.  Not sure if that's expected or not.

                      I checked a couple of other servers on the class existence and none of them have any Win32_PerfRawData classes in \root\default - only in \root\cimv2

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                          I've got identical symptoms and query results, on a single Exchange 2003 server setup, whether the main AD Aministrator account is used or my slightly derated one...

                          In looking at the query contents, is/are there corresponding counter[s] in PerfMon that can be checked to see if values are being properly passed?


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                            Well, now all of the sudden it's working.  I have no idea why.

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                                Do you by any chance run outlook or another client that connects to Exchange Server with different credentials on the same machine as Exchange Monitor? If so does the behavior differ if the non-Exchange Monitor connection is made before Exchange Monitor is brought up.

                                We are looking into the possibility that this issue may have something to do with multiple credentials connecting to the same server.

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                                    I run Outlook on the same machine, but Exchange Monitor is configured to use the logged on user credentials so it would be using the same credentials as Outlook.

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                                      Hey Sham... just checking in after a time away...

                                      My client configuration is the same i.e. single set of credentials for both Monitor and Outlook. Unfortunately, my setup has not had the queues magically reappear.

                                      The other thing is that this account is a member of Domain Admins, but is not the full (built-in) AD Administrator account... Would certain selective Exchange rights have to be assigned to my account for Monitor to run properly?


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                                          We are currently investigating this issue and trying to reproduce it in house. We hope to offer some workarounds or configuration tweaks to get this working.

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                                              Just a follow-up and FYI:

                                              Thought I'd try to eliminate any possible effects due to firewalls etc. and installed the Monitor directly unto our Exchange 2003 Server SP2, currently running in default mixed mode - which will probably be raised to full Exchange 2003 after a DR backup. Exchange is running on a member Server 2003 Standard [not R2] SP2), in a native Server 2003 mode AD setup.

                                              Result? Same, no queues.

                                              Issue may be caused either by something missing in our Exchange install, or your product was developed using R2 as a platform (and I know Microsoft changed some of the underlying architecture between first release and R2).

                                              Hope this helps... We'd love to see our queue lengths...