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    Monitoring frame relay interfaces

      This is probably answered someplace on the forums here, but my search-fu is weak this morning :)

      All of our branches are connected back to us by a frame relay network, which means that on the router we have the physical serial interface configured, and then a frame relay subinterface for the actual connection back to the network.  Currently we are monitoring both interfaces, so that means that the "Top Utilization" plugin on the web dashboard has two interfaces listed for every router, when that router has high utilization on the serial interfaces (one for the serial interface, and one for the frame relay interface).  Two questions:


      1.) What advantage (if any) do I get for monitoring both the serial interface and the frame relay interface?


      2.) If there is an advantage, is there a way I can only list one interface on the web site for the "Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization" plugin?