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    web node management

      I have some questions and issues with node management through the web in V9. 

      1. is there a way to add a button to go directly to editing a node from the node details screen? something that goes straight to editing the node we just linked from.  This would allow us much faster node managment abilities.

       2.  Is there a way to add a search box to the node management page? The interface only displays one page at a time, and there is a delay each time you move to the next page.  It takes more than 3 minutes to scroll to the end of the list of our 875 Windows servers.  Most of our users are refusing to use this feature because of this.

      My workaound - As a workaround I added a custom field that I named "Edit_Flag"  The I added the "Edit custom node property" to the node details page.  So now we can search for a device then browse to it.  Then we change the property to "Yes".  Then in the nodes management page we can filter on Edit_flag and look only at the ones we have flagged for editing.  This is a lot of steps and no one is very thrilled at using it this way( but at least they are using it).  Hopefully there is a search feature in the manage nodes views that I simply missed.