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    Evaluation license support requried for SLX 9 Additional Poller


       I have SLX 8.5.3 upgraded to V9.0
      HSP 8.5.3 upgraded to V9.0 & Application Performance Monitor.
      Due to heavy load on the Poller we were adviced by the Orion support team to go for an additional poller 8.5 SLX. They even issued us an evaluation key for 4 days test to conduct a POC.The results were good and solved many of our issues

      Once we were in the final stage of submitting the POC results to our Management for procurement of an additional poller  V9 was announced. Now the concerned raised by the procurement team is to do the POC again on the updated version. I have already updated my primary poller to V9.

      Kindly help me in getting atleat 2 days Evaluation license key for additional poller SLX V9 so that i can complete my POC and expedite the procurement process

      Customer ID: SW352761

      Ref last TT number : 46221