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    Displaying Poller Data from a Get Table

      Hi All.  I have just upgraded to v9 and I am using the new Universal Device Poller to do a GET TABLE on a table containing Windows Service information (name, state, start type, etc).  I am able to perform the test just fine and I get back data.

      What I am going for here is column A from the GET TABLE contains the service name, Column B contains the services currnet state (running, stopped, etc) and Column C contains the services start type (Auto, Manual, Diabled).  What I would like to display in Orion Node Details is a simple table showing this informaiton.

      What I am confused on is exactly how to display this data in orion.  I see we now have a Tabular Data resource that can be displayed on a node...but I cant quite get my hands around how to do this properly.  Can this be done?

      Like I said, I am getting data and it is polling properly, this is purely a "how do I display this stuff" problem.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I can provide further info if this isnt making sense.