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    Universal Device Poller Summary Status Resource


      I've been messing with this resource to create a summary page of a network that has some common UnDPs working among nodes.  Currently, the resource only shows "OBJECT NAME", "CURRENT STATUS", and "LAST POLLED".  Is there a way to include the label of the poller or the Row ID?  For example I am polling several nodes for optical power levels.  Here's how the resource displays the results:

      node1-20.552:30 AM
      node1-31.592:30 AM
      node2-502:30 AM
      node3-19.12:30 AM

      Right now, I have no idea what those numbers correlate to.  It would be ideal if the resource showed another column indicating the row to which the data is referring, rather than just the node.  I tried adding something into the resource code, but it didn't work.