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    Using Solarwinds for customers to see statistics?


      I am currently evaluating Orion 9 and I am a little stumped. 

      Is there a way to allow a customer to log in and see just a single interface's "Interface Details" without the ability to see the switch that contains it?

       I currently have done the following to acheive 99% of what I want/need. 
      -Allow Account to Customize Views - OFF
      -Allow Account to Clear Events and Acknowledge Alerts - OFF
      -Account Limitations - Single Interface - FastEthernet50
      -Home Page View - Client View (custom interface view)
      -Default Network Device - SWITCH1 -FastEthernet50

       The main "only" issue is they can click on the switch name at the top and get details on the switch containing the interface.

      Is there a way to correct this?  Any help/comments are appreciated!


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           Not cleanly that I know of. What I ended up doing was creating an icon and custom lables which shows the utilization of the port.


          Hope that helps.

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              I've been asking for this for years from Solarwinds.  One thing that you can do, if your type of environment supports it, is to change the file permissions on the "NodeDetails.aspx" file so that only certain users on the operating system itself can see the file.  Again, this may not work in your implementation.  That said, I have noticed that even though they can see the node, it only shows their interface.  There's not really much else on the page besides some info in the Node Details that I'd think was all that confidential. 

              The only other thing you can do is to modify the code of the InterfaceDetails.aspx file in the C:\Inetpub\Solarwinds\Orion\Netperfmon directory.  Remove the following line:

               - <npm:NodeLink runat="server" NodeID='<%$ Code: string.Format("N:{0}", this.NetObject["NodeID"]) %>' /> 

              That will remove the node name from the top of the page, in effect only showing "Interface Details - <interfacename>".  Of course, if you do this, it affects all your Interface Details pages, not just the ones that your customers would see.  My original solution to this was to create an additional website - one for customers and one for internal admin use.  The customer one would only have those pages which are necessary for their use, such as certain details pages and graphs/resources.  Pages such as "AllMaps.asp" were removed because there's no inherent security on them and anyone with any sort of working knowledge of Orion could simply enter "http://orionserver/Netperfmon/AllMaps.asp" and see every map configured in Orion.  However, with the introduction of the new ASP.net proxy, this strategy no longer works.  :-(