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    COM+ error upgrading to V9

      Good day all,

      I have gotten the dreaded "The wizard was unable to register the Solar Winds COM+ Application" when upgrading from v8.5.1 to v9.

      I have tried removing and resinstalling COM services, rebooted, resintalling v9, and nothing..... whenever running the config wiz, (I have to, to add trap viewer and such) I get the error...

      I have searched the forums and never really found a solution...

      If anyone can help .... Thanks in advance



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          mark wiggans

           Can you try this, go into Start> Administrative Tools> Component Services. Open up Computers> My Computer> Com+ Applications and Delete SolarWinds Orion NPM. Then Rerun the Configuration Wizard.

          Also you can look in the Configurationwizard.log file located in c:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion for more details as to what may be happening.

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            Also try the following: 

            Verify that COM+ (The IIS component) is in fact installed. 
            Make sure you had Local Admin rights and not in RDP, when installing.

            Most likely cause may be that the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is not Started.

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                Thanks for the replys.... it pointed me in the right direction for sure....


                here is what I did to resolve my issue, although I'm not sure if all steps are needed as I didn't check during this... also note I was trying with RDP first then consoleRDP finally VNC.

                Run regedt32 and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSDTC.
                Add a DWORD value TurnOffRpcSecurity with a value data of 1.
                stop DTC service, recreate \sys32\msdtc.log

                than run "msdtc -resetlog

                reset the DTC log in to be "network service"

                restart DTC service...

                checked COM+ applications in the sompnent service MMC and all is there...

                 Ran wizard,  It's all good!!!...

                Thanks again for your help!!!