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    Polling Engine SNMP Polling Index Issue


      To all,

       Currently I am seeing wild swings in the SNMP Status and Statistics Polling Indexes.  There are swings from 400 to 6985 out of 6985 in the SNMP Status Polling Index and 400 to 11, 511 out of 11, 511 in the SNMP Statistics Polling Indexes over a 15 minute period as I watch the Polling status changes.  With that said, the ICMP Pollers are always running at 100% completion.

       RE: Polls per second tuning.  I have status polls set to 139 per second which is what is recommended.  The statistics collection is set to 200 per second eventhough the recommendation is 107.  I also tried the 107 setting and the same results as above happened.

      Currently I am running Windows 2k3 sp2 on a dell 2.66 ghz intel xeon x5355 cpu processor @ 3840MB Memory.  The is a VMware instance.  I have my website, orion and polling engine on this server.  I have moved the sql database off to another server.  Orion is version 8.5.1 on windows with 418 network nodes and 6538 interfaces.

      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?