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    Filter feature for Universal device poller


      I just finished manualy assigning the same 3 universal device pollers to roughly 800 interfaces - these interfaces were spread over 80 devices - you can imagine the time it takes :)

      I'm really missed a "filter" field in the new Webbased device manager - Right now you can filter on Node properties like Vendor, Machine type etc. But why not make it possible to filter on interface parameters aswell. In my case all interfaces had a partly identical name and description - If I had had the option to search and mark all interfaces with name = *upstream* - I could have done a days work in less than 5 minuttes. I hope you'll consider this for those of us with mayor installations.

      While we're at it please at this feature to the webbased node manager - the Windows based Universal Device Manager is --extremely-- slow with large numbers of nodes/interfaces.