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    Gaps in data


       I am having problems with my data.  For example I have a node (w2k3 server) that is set to collect statistics every 5 minutes.  Here is what the last hours data collection looks like:


      10-Jul-0811:50 AM   
      10-Jul-0811:55 AM100 %100 %100 %
      10-Jul-0812:00 PM   
      10-Jul-0812:05 PM100 %100 %100 %
      10-Jul-0812:10 PM   
      10-Jul-0812:15 PM   
      10-Jul-0812:20 PM100 %100 %100 %
      10-Jul-0812:25 PM   
      10-Jul-0812:30 PM100 %100 %100 %

      So as you can see in a 30 minute period no data was recorded for 50% of the time!?

      Any ideas?