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    New group & All managed devices


      I registered all my systems under "All managed devices".

      Now i'm creating new group to dispatch my devices among these new group.

      My question is : is there a way to find which system defined under "All managed devices" are not yet dispatched under my new groups ?

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          Hello BackDoor, sure there is... here's some steps for you.

          1. Create a group call "placeholder". All groups that you permanently want to keep will go in here (later we'll move them out).
          2. Create a SmartGroup that contains devices, and have it contain "all devices".
          3. Next, remove any existing rules and a new rule add one that removes devices within the "placeholder" group you just made.
          4. Fire up a new session and navigate to placeholder (perhaps in the full screen / noc mode), and refresh as needed while you assign devices to your new groups.
          5. When you're finished creating groups and assigning devices / monitors, select everything in "placeholder" and move that to "My Network"