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    need help...anyone running cirrus and orion together on the same server?

      Have a server with cirrus running on it and was wondering how much extra load there would be on the server if i added cirrus to it? Interested in how much load the ios upload/download and major config changes would add. Most importantly would these features lead to missed polls on orion?

      the specs of the server are:

      1 polling engine

      running orion slx 8.5.1 sp3

      7850+ elements in the database

      server running windows server 2003 sp2, 3.25g ram, 3ghz intel xeon processor



        • Re: need help...anyone running cirrus and orion together on the same server?

          Orion an Cirrus can be placed on the same server, but this is not the best set-up practice. We would advise to keep Cirrus separate for better performance.

          Many Customers have Cirrus and Orion Installed on the Same Server without issue

          To take load off this Server it may be best to have Orion and Cirrus DB's use remote databases. This means that the same SQL server can host both the Orion and Cirrus databases assuming the server is capable of handling the load of multiple databases.

          If your Orion Server is running smoothly then there is a good chance adding Cirrus to the box would be fine, but there isnt an accurate answer on this as there are too many variables to consider.

          You could try installing a 30 day Cirrus Trial on your Orion Server and if that goes well,

          then migrate Cirrus to that box for good.