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    Custom Mibs



       I am looking for a way in the Custom MIB poller to monitor isdn channels on a PRA interface. More specifically I want to be able to view how many channels were active over a given period. I have searched the MIB tree within the custom MIB poller and I am still unsure which OID I should be looking for. I found this one which looks like it might be what I'm looking for but It is not supported on the device I am trying to assign it to and also I don't think it will show a historical value only a current one. Can anyone give me some pointers if this is even possible.

      Device = Cisco 3845

      Here's the OID that didn't work and the description


      Name cpmISDNCfgActiveDChannels


      Type Gauge


      Access read-only

      Status mandatory

      The number of ISDN signaling channels which are active.


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          looking at the name of the MIB you have noted here this is for the D channels.

          Normally there is only one D channel per PRI.

          You maybe looking for the active B channels for seeing how many are active in your PRI

          Take a look in the MIB Browser and see if you can locate it.