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    Orion on MS Virtual Server

      Has anyone installed Orion on a Virtual Machine (VM) running on Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 SP1? Any gotchas or things to look out for. We're looking to consolidate our IT apps onto a single machine and are trying to look before we leap.

       What kind of performance hit did you experience if any? Did you dedicate a host nic to the VM running Orion?

      Thanks in advance

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           We are looking to do the same thing (on VMware server).  I have contacted SW directly, and they did not specify any issues with running Orion as a VM.  Aside from the usual system requirements.  You may still want to talk to them about MS virtual server specifically.

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            I am currently running a copy of the SL100 on an MS VM.  I did dedicate a NIC to the server.  I have been running for approximately a month and have not found anything odd or out of the norm.  The application has ran flawlessly. 

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               Tim -

               I have been moving to Virtual Servers as well.  I have Orion SL500 but probabler only about 300 current nodes monitored.  I have Microsoft SCCM 2007 (1000 clients), SolarWinds 8.51, and the SQL 2005 Database all running on the same Virtual Machine and it is working like a dream.  My Virtual Server is running 4 Virtual CPU's with 8 Gb Ram - no issues whatsoever.  Like others, I dedicated a NIC to this Virtual Server and isolated it on it's own Virtual Switch as well.


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                We are running Orion SLX NPM and netflow off a 3.5 VMware server.  The SQL portion is not on a VM box yet but will be.  We gave orion its own VMswitch and nic this way it does not steal any bandwidth from the other images.

                We gave the server 4 gig mem and 2 vm cpu's.  We are watching 300 servers, 15 firewalls, 50-60 switches, 10 core switchs, 75 apps.


                No issues as of yet. 

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                   We are running Orion NPM SLX (main server and additional poller) and the SQL server all on VMWare. We are polling 300+ nodes, ~5000 interfaces, 230 volumes, and 65 applications.

                   The only problem we have run into is seeing data gaps during the time frame that the SQL server portion of the SAN gets backed up. Once the SQL server was isolated to its own sector, the gaps went away.

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                      Could you please reveal us:

                      - The amount of memory in the server.

                      - Number of processors and their type.

                      - Type of SAN's connection (interface).

                      - DB size and polling (statistics collection) interval.



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                          Each poller has 1 3GHz Xeon processor and 4GB of RAM.

                          The DB server has 4 3GHz Xeon processors and 4GB of RAM.

                          The database is 3.6 GB.

                           I must revise my previous statement, though. The server guys have been doing quite a bit of work on the SAN over the past few months while working on a disaster recovery scheme. The SAN configuration has been rearranged a few times, so the data gaps I have seen are coming and going. At the time of my last post, they were gone, but now they are back.