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    Customized view


      Hi All,

       I have a user who wants a view that contains all of the relevant hosts and info on one page.  It takes too much time to go back to the home tab to have to select a new host to view according to the user.  Is this even possible?  I know that you can make new views and such but what would be the best way to go about this?




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          Add a Custom Property to the nodes that your client wants to view on one page, then Create a Custom View; simple way is to copy an existing view that has the resources and add a Filter to each resource that equals the Custom Property.

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               Thank you for your reply....I am fairly new to Orion, so your reply kind of sounded a little greek to me.  Would you have a link of a tutorial or something of the sort I could follow?

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                  Here is a video tutorial that discusses building a Custom Property in case you are not familiar with the Custom Property Editor:


                  Then in the Edit options of the resource you will see an option for "Filter Nodes" and in the options you will need to put in something like:

                  Custom Property Name = 'Custom Property Value'

                  For example, build a new custom property called Sites then when editing the groups of nodes give each group it's own value like Group A, Group B, Group C. So when editing the resource that you only want to see the devices in Group A appear then in the Edit > Filter Nodes options type in:

                  Sites = 'Group A'

                  Then the resource on the website will show only the nodes that you assigned the value Group A. Please note that if the account that you are logged in as does not have the rights to customize views then you will not see the "Edit" button for the resource. You can go into the Admin options and edit the account to give it the ability to customize views.