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    Embedding Remote Console


      How can I add a resource to Orion's Web Interface that will allow users to remote console to Windows servers via mstsc ?

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          There is a link in the upper right on the NodeDetails page to a RemoteDesktop.asp page that will do that.  Is that what you are looking for?  Or do you want an RDP window within the NodeDetails page?

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              If you don't have toolset integration turned on (or you are using Firefox), you will not see that link.  In that case try this:

              1. Add a Custom HTML Resource to the Node Details page
              2. Edit this resource and add the following HTML:
                <a href='/NetPerfMon/RemoteDesktop.asp?Server=${IP}'>Remote Desktop to ${IP}</a>
              That will give you a link on the Node Details page with the abaility to RDP to that node directly from the page.