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    Persistent unamanged interface warning


      I keep getting the "Netflow Receiver Service is receiving a NetFlow data stream from an unmanaged interface" warning.  Sometimes it's one or two minutes apart, and sometimes it's 10 or 15.  The problem I have is that the interface number is different in every error.  Most are numbers over 1000, and some reference ports that are shut down (assuming that the numbers are the same as I get from "sho snmp mib ifmib ifindex").  How can I stop these from filling up my event log every day, other than turning off Netflow?

      We've had this product since February (I think) and haven't been able to use it yet, so I'm beginning to wonder why we paid for it.

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          Andy McBride

          Hi Justin,

          We do our best to make Network Management easy but NetFlow as a technology can be can be a bit complicated. Support can probably take care of this in one call. If you open a ticket I'll help make sure this goes away. Please reply w/ ticket #

          Thanks - Andy

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              Ticket number 48836.  I also discovered that I'm getting an error in Event Viewer every second or two as follows:

              Event Type:    Error
              Event Source:    NetFlowService
              Event Category:    None
              Event ID:    0
              Date:        6/26/2008
              Time:        11:45:37 AM
              User:        N/A
              Exception: error occurred during packet processing. Cannot get fields from an invalid template.

              Are there aggregates that NTA doesn't support or is this something I'd have to put in another ticket for?


              Justin H.