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    Outlook Error - Cannot Expand Folders

      I installed Exchange Monitor & set it authentication to my admin account. I am logged onto my Vista PC as a normal user.

      In Outlook I access additional mailboxes. After I rebooted my PC, I am now unable to access the additional mailboxes, with the exception of my own and the admin account that is accessing my Exchange server through Exchange Monitor.

      There seems to be an issue with the Exchange Monitoring accessing the exchange server as 1 user and my own Outlook accessing the Exchange server as another user.

      Please advise how to fix this. Thank-you.

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          mark wiggans
          What accounts were you running before as opposed to now? Could you give us more feedback on the steps taken to set this up so the DEV team can try to replicate?
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              Thanks for the reply.

              I am logged into my Vista PC as a normal user of my Windows 2003 domain. In Outlook I have my own mailbox and have full permissions on additional mailboxes in the domain. I have those mailboxes including the domain admin mailbox added into my Outlook (2007).

              I installed the Exchange Monitor & set it to use my domain administrator account to access my exchange server.

              All was working OK.

              I rebooted my PC 1 day later, and then I am now unable to expand the additional mailboxes added in my Outlook except my own and the domain admin account.

              I tried uninstalling the program, rebooting, etc but I still cannot access those additional mailboxes. I have not tried deleting and recreating my Outlook profile yet.

              Let me know if you need any further information.

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                  mark wiggans

                  The Exchange tool would not likely cause this issue as all that occurs is the tool starts a thread that impersonates and performs WMI queries and does nothing with MAPI or RPC. I would uninstall the tool then reboot and recreate your outlook profile, which may be the best bet as something strange has happened.

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                      I have a simaliar problem.  Before I installed the Exchange Monitor, Outlook 2007 loaded without issue.  It's worked this way since October of last year.  After installing the Exchange Monitor, Outlook 2007 no prompts me for my user id and password every time it loads.  This is VERY annoying.  Uninstall did nothing to resolve.


                      Contrary to what the last poster said, the problem above is related to Exchange Monitor.  Windows server will not let you open two connections from the same works to the same server with different user credentials.  Because you are trying to run Outlook as your normal user account, and Exchange monitor is using your admin account, you are attempt to connect with two different sets of credentials.  Since Exchange Monitor launches at startup, it makes the first connection and wins, causing Outlook to fail because there is already one open connection to the exchange server with a different set of credentails.