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    sa password

      Hi there,

      anyone know what the sa password is for SQL Express on a ipMonitor v9 install ?? I want to take advantage of some powerful reporting via business objects, so would like to investigate that angle for reporting.


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           ipMonitor 9 does not use SQL Express, but has a proprietary database system.  What type of reporting are you looking to accomplish?

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              Hi Derek,

              hhhmmmm...OK, I'm sure one of the sales guys told me (via email) that it used SQLExpress as it's DB during my evaluation....anyway too late now as have already purchased a license.

              basically we would like to pull the data out of the DB so we can use crystal reporting to create custom reports as we have a "Reporting" team here that can create reports for us.

              We took the monitoring from a slightly different angle, less from a traditional hardware/device level and more from a "service to the business" level, where that our devices/monitors are grouped by the service they provide the business. We could use the custom report option in ipMonitor however if we are monitoring the availability of, lets say 25 different "services" (that IT provides the business, such as email access, internet access and so on) then that's 25 separate reports that I need to create.

              Where as if the data could be extracted into a datawarehouse, we could create a single report using business objects/crystal reports, that shows the availability of each service per line.

              Would it be a simple process to extract the data from the DB ?