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    SNMP Traps - Basic not sending


      We have Orion 8.5 running adn we are finally getting around to configuer the NPM to send traps for various events.

      When we configure the NPM alerts to sent SNMP messages it does not send them but it will send an Email.  The advanced alerts can send a trap but the message is very simple and not descriptive.

      I tried coping the Orion detaile adn general traps from the common folder to the Orion folder and when I select those as the SNMP message to send it will not sned them either but reverting back to the ForwardSysLog trap then it send the trap but not much detail.

      We need to get either the basic alert trap sending function working or a way to get the detailed trap from the advanced alerts.

       Any ideas?  Tech support sent me here.

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          go into the message potion of the alert and click on the insert variable button.

          these are the variables you have available to send in your message.

          there are lots of them and all of the drop downs on the right change based on the more left one's choice.

          such as i have the message sending the reverse dns lookup of the virtual server so i can tell what physical box is having the issues in a cluster setup. this along with system memory and cpu usage and disk usage.  All of this was available when a application has an issue.

          lots of info available just sometimes a bit hard to squeze it out of the server.

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               Well here is what I found out.


              The basic Alert trap ONLY send to the community of "public".  We use a different community string on our network and when I created a listener for the "public" string I was able to get the traps.


              Also the Solarwinds-trap.mib needed some help.   I am not sure about all SNMP systems but SNMPc terats the MIB contents as case sensitive.  I had to chnage 2 fields from Solarwinds to solarwinds and also change the General trap from a value of 1 to 10.