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    Trouble running external .cmd in alert


      When running 8.5 i am trying to run a .cmd after a monitor goes down and an alert is triggered.  the account i am using to connect is in the domain admins group along with the local admins group for the server i am trying to remotely run the .cmd on.  the domain account was also expressly added at the folder level.  in all cases it is granted full control yet i keep getting the error below.  any ideas/suggestions?  

      i am monitoring a web page with just a basic http monitor.  i can restart the www service automatically no problem so i know the account is connecting and has rights on the server.  i just cannot run the .cmd for some reason.

      Alert Error: Access rights are insufficient. The test failed.


      here are the general details of the alert.

      Rollup ToggleHelp ToggleAlert Parameters
      Executable Namecmd.exe
      Startup Directoryd:\foldername\
      Credential for Alerting  ipmonitor credential
      Set Environment Variables
      Rollup ToggleHelp ToggleNotification Content - Failure Messages
      Failure Command Line    cmd i want to run.cmd