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    NetFlow v3 with additional web server


      Is there anyone who has configured their additional web server to show the NetFlow module tab on your Orion site?  I installed the NetFlow module v3 SP1 on our primary Orion server (per the installation guide) last Thursday.  I didn't see anything in the installation guide about using the NetFlow module in an environment that has an additional web server.  I called support Friday and spoke with several different people in support, customer service and sales.  I called back again this morning and opened a ticket (# 48275).  They mentioned there is an additional, no cost component that I need but that my account manager would have to get it for me.  My understanding is the ticket has been closed, but the additional component still hasn't been provisioned to my customer portal.  I got the impression from support that there aren't a lot of customers running both the NetFlow module and the additional web server. 

      I've seen a couple of posts that referenced the 1.x and 2.0 versions that mentioned that users used to have to copy their web folder from the primary server to the additional web server, but that stopped working somewhere around version 2.0. 

      Has anyone else had to get an additional component to install on their additional web server?  If so, did you get it from support or your account manager?  Or, is there another way to get this done?  If anyone has any information on this, I'd love to hear it.