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    NTA loggs itself out


      when moving from network traffic analysis to network performance monitor, i get the login screen again. is there a fix for this?

      also is it possible to change the refresh time for NTA?

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          I haven't seen this issue with the NTA, but I have seen it when users log into the Orion site by IP address and then try to navigate to a custom menu item on a customized menu bar.  I created a CNAME record in DNS (I called it Orion) that points to the fully qualified domain name of the Orion server.  I then made sure the links for the custom menu items pointed to http://Orion/whatever instead of the server name. 

          I just installed the NetFlow module and am trying to get it working on our additional web server, so I can't answer your question about changing the refresh time for the NTA.

          Hope this is helpful.