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    netflow not exporting to collector


      i have a core consisting of 2 6509's. both have the same netflow config but only 1 is exporting to the collector.

      show ip flow export command shows flows are exporting

      any ideas?

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           Are you getting any messages on the Netflow page on the Last 25 Events resource saying that you are getting data from an unmanaged resource? When you get this message it means that you are getting the data but it's coming from an IP address that is not being monitored in the Orion System Manager. If this is the case then there are two options to start getting the Netlfow data. First, change the managed IP address in the Orion System Manager to match the IP address of where the Netflow source is. Or run a command on the Cisco device that changes the source IP address of the Netflow data. The command should be something like: ip flow-export source (IP Address)

          If this is not the case then go to the Run command and type in perfmon and click the + button at the top. Then change the counters to SolarWinds and add all the SolarWinds counters. Once you are back at the graph click the button titled "View Report" and this should give you a text value of the graph. The values you will want to look at are PDU Dropped Unmanaged Interface and PDU Dropped Unmonitored Interface. If they are counting up then Netflow is getting the data but throwing the packets away. If the values are counting then try restarting the Netflow service and if this doesn't work then please open a support ticket so we can investigate further.


          However, if the PDU Dropped values are not counting and you are not getting the Event messages stating that you are getting Netflow data from an unmanaged resource then you will want to run a sniffer trace just to make sure that the Netflow data isn't getting blocked by a firewall.


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              Spot on!! thanks a lot. ive been over and over the config on the routers for days.

              the problem was the ip flow export-source command was using loopback 1. This is the way we should have setup orion monitoring but some routers had been added to orion using a vlan interface to enable monitoring. As soon as I changed orion to use the loopback address I started to recieve data in netflow.