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    Orion Server Crashed

      My server crashed, I can ssh into my server and can see all my files and directories.  Could someone please tell me the most logical place to find all my created alerts, maps, database, etc.....  This would be most helpful once I rebuild the server. Also, if there is anything else I would need to do once I install orion again. Thanks for your time.

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          Hi There

          Firstly bad Luck on the Server crash. The main files you need to worry about are your maps and Reports on your Orion Server

          If you can copy these they are in c:\program files\solarwinds\orion\maps and  c:\program files\solarwinds\orion\reports . You only need top copy this if you had custom reports you crated in Orion. If your not sure Grab it anyway to be safe

          All other information containing alerts are in your database. Was your Sql database on the same Server ? If so were you doing backups ?

          Firstly if you were doing backup . Do a search for *.bak files and See if you have any containing Netperfmon.bak . Grab  all files like this as well or the most recent

          If Sql was on that Server and  you do not have a .bak file  then search for  netperfmon.mdf and netperfmon.ldf or if you named the database something else then

          search for *.mdf and pull the appropriate files (Note the directory path they were in on the Server) You can try an reattach those file to your new Server or rebuilt Server but there is not a guarantee they will be in working order as during the crash they may have become Corrupted.  i would still grab them either way

          After this i would urge you to immediately open a support ticket so an engineer can assist you . If you would rather not do that I would investigate Further why your server crashed in the first place and ensure its a stable hardware before you rebuild it again as you may run into the same issue again some time down the line.

          • Reinstall your Operating System
          • Reinstall Sql Server
          • Restore Your database(.bak) if you have one
          • If not and you have the files .mdf and .ldf  Try re attaching these files on your New Sql server. This can be done through Enterprise manager in Sql
          One good tip for the Future if you have the resources available is to Keep Your Sql on another Server and regularly perform backups  and ensure they are kept on tape or on another Separate Server again

          I hope this helps and best of luck with it.