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    SNMP Real-Time Graph data - editable config file or registry keys ?

      Have successfully been using the SNMP Real-Time Graph to monitor internal temperatures of a cross section of our network equipment. Over time some of the monitored equipment have changed IP addresses. However when trying to update the SNMP RTG accordingly, it appears to hold the info only until restarting the app (perhaps after an MS update etc) whereby it reverts to the original IP addresses and stops monitoring. I was hoping to find a config file / reg entry where this IP info was stored so that I could hopefully edit it more permanently but so far not found anything. Have today upgraded to Eng Tools 9.2, installed the SP1 and the SNMP RTG hotfix just to be sure but unfortunately it still looses any changes made. Any ideas on this would be very welcome.      (This works great if it wasn't for this snag : )