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    Alert Suppression

      Is there a simple way to suppress an alert of high packet loss when a node goes down and them comes back up (ex. techs doing maintenance and having to reboot or reset devices).  We have our alerts set so anything over 40% packet loss triggers a email but if someone takes a node down and brings it back up we get a packet loss alert, down alert, packet loss (when coming online).

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          If it's an advanced alert, you can configure the alert to trigger only if a "condition exists for more than X seconds/minutes/hours". Is that what you're trying to accomplish?
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            supression is a tricky thing to get the desired result from so not sure if this is still an active issue with you but here is another way to skin the cat.

            in the trigger where you are looking or the 40% packet loss just add another simple condition

            Node.Status is equal to UP

            Supression tab entries are notorious for not working is all so wanted to give  you another option.