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    Monitoring server processes via WMI on VMWare workstation

      I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.  I have Orion NPM 8.5.1 with the APM module.  Someone has a test Windows 2003 server running in VMWare workstation on a Windows Vista box.  We can monitor the VMed server processes just fine with SNMP, but not with WMI.

      When I hold my mouse over the Info box for the process, it says "Server unavailable using WMI".  When I look at the Secuirty logs on the server, it shows a bunch of failed logins, but never mentions a user name.  The credentials being used are a part of the server's admins group.  When I pull up wbemtest from my Orion server and try to test a connection to the VMed server using the same credentials, it works fine.  I have matched up DCOM settings with other Windows 2003 servers.


      Does anyone know if there is just an inherent issue with using WMI process monitors on a server running in the VMWare Workstation platform?  It's not a big deal, since this is just a test server and we don't run any production servers in this type of environment.  But it's got me curious.