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    Custom Syslog Alerts


       I need help setting up syslog alerts that won't flood my exchange server. Basically i have Solarwinds Event Forwarder setup on all servers to forward messages to my Solarwinds server. I want to be alerted when any STOP errors happen on any server but only notify me once but not multiple time for the same message.


      We had this setup without Alert Suppression which worked fine but then on of our servers reported 500 STOP errors and flooded my exchange. Is there anyway to maybe have two alerts setup. See below


      1 - Alert 1 via email when any STOP errors occur

      2 - Alert 2 send alert when i recieve 100 syslog messages within 10 minutes but supress alert foe 2 hrs after this alert is activated


      Would each alert cancel each other out / will this work?


      Please help