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    Change Default Custom Chart Interval


      Our Orion install currently polls nodes/MIBs every five minutes.

       When our users click on the various MIB pollers to obtain a graph, the default display is '30 Minutes', and this results in some odd displays. For example, we poll a Cisco call subscriber to obtain 'number of registered phones'. If a phone deregisters, then reregisters, you'll have a polling table like so:

       Time       # Registered Phones

      10:05            700

      10:10            699

      10:15            699

      10:20            700

      10:25            700

      10:30            700

      Average: 699.6666

      The average is apparently displayed on a thirty minute chart, resulting in a 'fractional phone'.

       Is there any way to change the default chart display to '5 minutes'? One can do this while viewing the chart, but as soon as you close the chart, then reopen, it's back to '30 minutes'.

       This is an annoyance, not a showstopper, but any help would be appreciated!