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    Interface Errors/Discards - Strange result


      Today and 3 days before, I have see very strange result on two devices about interface errors/discards.

      For the first device, it take suddenly 4365475 Transmit Errors.
      For the second device, it take suddenly  2.610.653 Transmit Discards.

      I have check by SNMP and there is no errors/discards on these two devices. 
      It's the first time that I see this problem... These two devices have the same configuration (see after) and I have a lot of devices like them...

      Machine Type:  Nokia Data Communications
      Nokia AOS, Version V6.3(124), Copyright (c) 1997-2006, Nokia, Inc., Compiled Wed Aug 16 17:35:46 UTC 2006 by lylace@citadel.nes.nokia.com 

      Have you ever seen this kind of problem ?