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    Orion NPM Integration with 3rd party Ticketing System


      Dear Friends

       I was wondering if we can integrate Orion NPM 8.5.1 with the Sunview ticketing system which has SQL engine,

      e.g. when we have a node down, a ticket will be opened automatically in the Sunview system.

      Do we have to do it from the DB or is there any way from "Web Services" which we already have in the Sunview.

      This is the email that I sent SUNVIEW support:

      1.       Web Services Catalog or API, can you please provide us with this catalog.We need to be able to integrate the system with our other applications (sms,email parser, nms, ems, customer billing application...) This is the answer I got:The web services are built into the ChangeGear system. If you have installed the ChangeGear web application, you can see a list of them by navigating to the following page: http://servername/cgweb30/cgwebservices/cgwebservices.asmxThey enable you to integrate with other applications.

      So I think If we can have such link to the Web services in the Orion NPM, then the rest is up to us. 

      I will appreciate if you guys help me through this way.

      Best Regards,