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    Working with traps and scripts

      We have an event console that automatically creates tickets in our Remedy system and has a web console to view events and outages.  This console is fed from multiple sources.  Currently our Trap receiving is being done by What's up Gold.  We want to change to use Orion as our primary Trap receiver.  ButI am having issues trying to get it working as we need.  Currently when a trap is received it fires off a PERL script that eventually enters everything into the database for our Event Console.  What's up gold can send each trap OID as a seperate variable to the script.  From what I can tell after working with support is Orion can send all the trap data in a single shot. This makes it so I cannot simply re-use the PERL script. so from what I can tell my only option is to write the trap out to a test file, and then run a log parser to grab the variables. That just seems to be a few extra steps.  I was wondering if anyone has done something similar in writing the traps to an external DB.  Or if you had any suggestions on the best way to accomplish the our goal.

      Thanks in advance for all your help.