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    Missing Queues & WWW service

      We have tried it on a couple of XP workstations and pointed it at servers running Server 2003 R2 SP2/ Exchange 2003 SP2.

      It retrieves the most of the services that are running, BUT not the WWW service.

      It is retrieving the CPU and Disk Space, BUT not the Queue Length.

      I've checked firewalls and WMI, privileges, etc




        • Re: Missing Queues & WWW service

          The problem with the Missing Queues is fixed by refreshing the WMI classes on the Exchange Server.

          To force a refresh of WMI classes on the target server being queried, use the following command within a "cmd.exe" prompt.Windows 2000: winmgmt /resyncperf

          Windows XP, 2003, Vista: wmiadap.exe /f

          In regards to the WWW service not being reported, it appears that on certain environments the current version of the Exchange Monitor may incorrectly report that the service is not found when in fact it is present.