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    Advance Alerts


      Does anyone know of a "cookbook" of Advanced Alerts for Orion? Specifically, my predecessor created advanced alerts for VPN tunnels going down, PIX fail overs occurring, etc. I know he created them by using MIB information, but how do you go about locating the proper MIB and OID Name for an event that you want to create an alert for? For example, we are currently using Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrators. The alert we have for the VPN Tunnel failure uses an Altiga MIB. Google shows that Cisco bought Altiga, but how in the world would you ever get this information in the first place? We are about to replace our PIX firewalls with ASA's so I need to determine what MIB and OID I need to use to convert the alerts for those new devices. Google brings up a lot of info, but so far, no luck. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!



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          If custom pollers were setup, you'd find it in the Sysem Manager under File -> Custom MIB Pollers. You should see the entire list of defined custom pollers. Editing any one of them should reveal the OID you're looking for.