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    Novell disk space

      We still have quite a few Novell servers in our shop, and I'm trying to get IP Monitor to give me disk space readings for them just like it does for Windows.  I have SNMP configured and matching community names and a properly configured trap destination...everything for SNMP works between the IP Monitor server and the Novell servers, however, I still don't get the disk space readings...I get other stuff, like temperature on the system board, a half dozen protocols like SMTP and http, etc...but not disk.  I've confirmed hostmib.nlm is loaded on the servers in question...what am I missing?  I'm still a bit of a Novell noob...thanks!

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          Hello Matt, my advice to bypass some troubleshooting is to:

          1. Go to the devices tab
          2. Navigate into the device that represents one of your novel servers
          3. Click "Add > New Monitor"
          4. Ensure "SNMP" is selected on the left, and then click "Drive Space" on the right
          5. Ensure the address is correct, remove the checkbox from WMI, and click next

          You should hopefully see drives being found. In that spot, we're using host resources and I find it exceedingly unlikely that novel doesn't offer up the drives.

          If you do see the drive found, then I would point you (within the discovery section) at "SmartMonitor Recommended Settings" and ensure drive space is set to be recommended.

          Let us know how it goes? 

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            Yeah, I get "No disk drives were found at <server name>".  This makes little sense to me b/c SNMP is configured properly and I'm getting other counters.

            If you have a snmp walker, I would suggest walking "" against your novel machine. See what comes up... my wager is nothing. Here's a link to the host resources mib to give you an example of what we're consuming.



            Edit: Since you've verified that the hostmib.nlm is loaded, what I guess I'm really after is verifying if ipMonitor or the ipMonitor box is getting the values it's looking for. Can you use ipMonitor's walker instead?

            1) goto "configuration  tab" > "SNMP Monitor Wizard"

            2) provide the address, community, and oid ( )

            3) Click next, then wait, and review the "Results of SNMP Scan" (it should include at least one hrStorageType)

            Does it?