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    Per Node and a Group Average in one Report


      Is there a way within a single report via Report Writer to show both the per node availability for some time period and the average availability for all of those nodes.  Currently I create two reports the first shows some group of devices and each ones availability over the past month.  then I have to create second report that shows the average of all of those servers over the past month.  It would be nice if in a single report I could show

      device1    98%

      device2   100%

      device3  100%

      Avg for all devices 99.33%

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          I am trying to get a similar solution.

          I have opened a ticket with Solarwinds since yesterday on this.

          We have a monthly report that lists all the nodes, IP, and % Availability.
          We run a separate report of the aggregate of the those node.
          We want a report that puts them both in the same report.
          I tried copying the SQL commands from one to paste in the other
          to see if that would work, but, you can't copy and drop the commands
          in the Design view.

          Faye (amazon in THWACK)

          ENMS Administrator